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Dark is an understatement to how far the


MG Contemporary Fantasy

Current Status: Revising

Pets get lost all the time, but twelve-year-old Milo Martínez always knows how to find them. His introverted nature makes animals love him, much to his mamá’s displeasure; mamá hates pets and Milo’s ability to find them. She would give anything for Milo to be talented like his athletic siblings.

But he isn’t. The only thing he’s good at is finding missing pets.

When Chioko—an otherworldly girl with her hair up in too many ponytails—emerges from a portal in the forest and tells him to stop looking for the missing pets, Milo would’ve laughed. And he did.

The next day, upon chasing his neighbor's lost bird and accidentally stumbling into the portal, Milo discovers there’s an evil wizard kidnapping animals and turning them into monsters. With the help of carefree Chioko and her uptight brother, he’ll have to find a way to stop the wizard’s plans and save the animals. Maybe his talent for finding missing pets is useful after all. Just don’t tell his mother that. 

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