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Dark is an understatement to how far the


YA Dark Fantasy:

Current Status: Shelved

    Seventeen-year-old Rheya was just trying to provide for her little brother when a mysterious man offers her an impossible job for an unbelievable price: kill a witch.

    The Seven Witches are a myth. No one has ever seen one.      So, thinking she’ll only have to deal with an impostor and knowing that her baby brother’s cheeks could use some color, she accepts the job.

    When Rheya kills a real witch, a curse falls upon her. Rheya becomes a Ghoul: a creature that feeds on human flesh.

    This curse drives her to commit a terrible mistake that ends her baby brother’s life.

    With an insatiable hunger for vengeance, she joins a group of rebels: an overly-confident girl, a smart introverted boy, and a handsome charismatic redhead with secrets, on a quest to kill the six remaining witches and rid the world of the dangers of magic to save her humanity. If the witches don’t kill her first, the man who deceived her will. 

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